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A full-on marketing plan would not be complete without some sort of pay-per-click ad campaign. This is an ad campaign that charges advertisers for each click, not impressions. The cost-per-click will differ based on the binding structure of the platform. Use this campaign to show your brand, products, or services to the most relevant people possible, at the right stage of the funnel.


Since about 92% of all searches occur on Google, using its platform to serve ads will give your company the best chance at reaching your target audience. Google Ads offers an in-depth targeting system that lets users target based off demographics, interests, locations, and more.

In addition to the advanced demographic targeting, Google Ads also offers keyword targeting. This involves giving Google a list of keywords you would like to show up for when users search for those terms. The broader and shorter your keywords are, the more people your ads could be shown to. That doesn’t mean these people will be the most relevant or qualified.

Google’s pay-per-click model charges advertisers using an auction bidding system. Google uses a variety of different factors to decide how much to charge for each keyword. Each keyword costs different, with the most competitive keywords generally costing the most. That’s why having a combination of competitive and non-competitive keywords will be the most beneficial.

What we do - Google ads


In today's digital landscape, harnessing the power of Google's advanced targeting capabilities and the pay-per-click auction-style bidding system is a strategic move that can significantly elevate your brand's online presence. It's a dynamic approach that ensures your brand reaches its target audience at a fair and competitive cost.

Our approach is rooted in search engine marketing, a strategy that allows us to initiate meaningful engagements with individuals actively seeking products or services like yours. By leveraging search engine marketing, we create a direct path for potential customers to discover and explore your website. This method not only increases visibility but also delivers your brand's message to an audience actively searching for solutions—your most promising leads and customers.

In essence, our approach doesn't just stop at placing your brand in front of an audience; it strategically positions your brand in the digital marketplace where potential leads and customers are most likely to be searching. It's a proactive and effective way to showcase your brand to those who are already primed for engagement, making every interaction a step closer to a meaningful customer relationship. Let us help you leverage the full potential of search engine marketing and Google's advanced tools to boost your brand's reach, influence, and conversion rates.



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